Macedonian diatom society

Prior to the European Diatom Meeting in Lake Ohrid, a new taxonomic workshop will be organised providing an important update to the species of the group of Fragilaria capucina. The ongoing revision has led to a better understanding of several difficult groups and this information is now translated into a new workshop. More than 10 widespread but poorly known taxonomic novelties will be presented and several species will be better characterized. Focus will be on Fragilaria capucina s.s., F. rumpens and F. gracilis with an update on smaller groups (F. perminuta, F. recapitellata, F. radians, F. cyclopum).

The workshop will be led by Bart Van de Vijver (Botanical Garden Meise, Belgium) in collaboration with Luc Ector and Carlos E. Wetzel (LIST, Luxembourg).

During the morning sessions, lectures will document and discuss all species in this group. In the afternoon, selected species will be illustrated using light microscopy and material from type slides and other populations from Europe.


Each participant is invited to send slides directly to Bart Van de Vijver (preferably also with unmounted material for SEM analysis) containing populations of the Fragilaria capucina group (preferably in dominance) to use these slides as working documents and illustrations.